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GBC Executive Elections 2024-2025

Available Roles and High Level Responsibilities


  • Oversees the activities of the GBC Executive and all Council members

  • Ensures the sustainability of the Graduate Business Council

  • Establishes projects aimed to enrich the student experience and to continue to adapt the Council to meet students’ needs

  • Acts as liaison between the Faculty/Administration and the Council

  • Liaises with Schulich’s Launch Week Organizing Committee

Vice-President and Academic Affairs

  • Acts as Academic Liaison between students and the faculty: specifically, working closely with the Associate Dean of Academics

  • Identifies academic issues of students and communicates these to faculty, to support students and attempt to resolve issues

  • Works to manage and better the internal processes and day-to-day operations of the GBC

  • Selects the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) to oversee GBC elections

Athletics Director

  • Responsible for the execution of the Cohort Cup

  • Coordinates registrations for Intramurals

  • Manages activities and events providing students the opportunity to engage in physical fitness

  • Responsible for allocating the budget for Athletics events and MBA Games (in coordination with Team captain)

  • Sits on the SIRC (York U Intramural Committee)

  • Responsible for heading fitness or running clubs under the GBC Athletics portfolio

  • MBA Games captain’s POC in GBC helps ensure milestone tracking for the MBA Games team

Case Director

  • Promotes skill development and participation in case competitions hosted internally

  • Organizes the four rounds of Dean’s Cup

  • Researches, discovers and shares case competitions from around the globe

  • Generates and proposes hosting new Case Competitions with the goal of internal skill development and external brand promotion

International Relations Director

  • Supports international students and facilitates the integration of international students into the local community

  • Liaises with Student Services and International Relations and/or the CDC to organize pre-Launch Week welcome event(s) for international students and incoming students from Hyderabad campus

  • Organizes the GBC Buddy Program

  • Organizes the Culture Crawl

  • Acts as the liaison between the GBC and the Open Arms Committee

Social Director

  • Plans, organizes, and hosts all social GBC events aimed at promoting interaction among graduate students

  • Appoints Event Managers for assistance during events across the year

Student Affairs Director

  • Understands and communicates the needs of all Schulich Masters students to the GBC

  • Allocates club grants from the GBC’s budget

  • Oversees GBC affiliated club affairs and coordinates approval process for their events

  • Provides feedback on behalf of students

Wellness Director

  • Manages activities and events to improve students’ mental health and wellbeing

  • Manages student Wellness Weeks

  • Acts as mental health liaison to connect students to university resources 

Step into the spotlight of leadership and make a difference in our student community—nominate yourself for the upcoming student government elections. Seize this opportunity to be the voice of your peers and bring about the change you wish to see!

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