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GBC Executive Election 2024-2025

We are thrilled to introduce an exceptional slate of candidates vying for positions in this year's student government elections. Each candidate brings a unique set of skills, a deep commitment to improving our campus community, and innovative ideas that promise to shape the future of our institution in meaningful ways. Your vote is not just a choice—it's an investment in the direction we take together as a united student body.

Presidential Nominations

Praatika Mehra, MBA Fall'23

Hello everyone! I am Praatika Mehra, a 1st year MBA student at Schulich School of Business running for the role of GBC President. 

As someone who has closely worked with the present GBC leadership, both in the capacity of Executive Manager and an MBA Cohort Representative, I have encountered numerous WHYs behind wanting to run for the role of President over the last five months. Truth be told, there is no greater WHY than that of wanting to be of service. Being authentic and helpful are two of my core values, and these are the very values I have always brought to all my conversations with you whether it is in the classroom, over coffee at the marketplace, in the corridors of Schulich, or at our newfound home called the on-campus housing.  

Without your support, my ultimate WHY of wanting to help each one of us build a better tomorrow for our community will remain incomplete. If there is one thing that I want you to be sure of is that I will be your voice, a voice that wants to cheer you on as you continue your academic and professional paths at Schulich, a voice that ensures that your words are heard the loudest.

Sarabjeet Singh, MBA Fall'23

I am Sarabjeet Singh, a first-year MBA candidate with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit. With over five years of experience as a businessman, I have successfully led businesses and teams to achieve significant milestones. My entrepreneurial journey involves building a venture from the ground up, honing my skills in project establishment and efficient execution. In leadership roles, I prioritize considering the interests of every team member for organizational success. Engaging with internal and external stakeholders is integral to my experience, involving negotiations and deal management with external partners. Internally, I've adeptly navigated conflicting team dynamics to achieve positive outcomes benefiting the entire organization.

I am confident in leveraging the skills gained from my entrepreneurial background to effectively and sustainably, manage the Council. My commitment extends to ensuring transparency and inclusivity in the decision-making process. My goal is to cultivate a Council that embodies the true essence of competence and rigor, reflecting the high standards set by the graduate students of Schulich.

Vice-President and Academic Affairs Director Nominations

Ameer Hamza, MBA Fall'23

My diverse experience and unwavering commitment to excellence make me a strong candidate for Vice President of the Graduate Business Council (GBC) at Schulich.

Leadership and Experience:Proven leadership skills honed through various roles at Coca-Cola, L'Oreal Paris, and Deloitte. Demonstrated ability to manage complex projects, collaborate effectively, and lead high-performing teams.

Values-Driven Approach:Passionate about fostering a positive and enriching academic experience for all Schulich students. Committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and teamwork in all endeavours.

Well-Rounded Perspective:A well-rounded individual with strong academic and personal accomplishments, actively contributing to both professional and personal spheres.

Addressing GBC Responsibilities:I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, making me well-suited to act as a liaison between students and faculty. Proficient in identifying and addressing academic concerns, ensuring student voices are heard and solutions are implemented.
Adept at streamlining internal processes and optimizing GBC operations for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Equipped to select a qualified Chief Returning Officer to oversee fair and transparent GBC elections. I am confident that my leadership, experience, and unwavering commitment to the Schulich community make me the ideal candidate to serve as Vice President and contribute significantly to the GBC's continued success.

Harshita Telluja, MBA Fall'23
I’m Harshita Telluja, a first-year MBA student, with a vision to enrich the student experience at Schulich. I believe that I am the right person for the position of Vice President & Academic Affairs because I am committed to expanding our collective value pool and driving us towards growth together.I want to cultivate a community that is a safe space for all, where diversity is celebrated, and every voice is heard. By bridging the gaps between diverse backgrounds, capabilities, and industry expectations, we can create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute.

My vision encompasses two key pillars: Firstly, I aim to enhance inclusivity within our community by building bridges between different backgrounds and fostering a culture of acceptance and respect. Secondly, I seek to complement classroom learning by collaborating closely with the Associate Dean of Academics, ensuring that our educational experiences are enriched through practical engagement and real-world connections.Having led large teams to drive sales and operations for the last 5 years, I deeply understand the importance of listening, transparency, and communication in fostering team and community spirit. I have demonstrated these skills in my role as the Corporate Relations Manager at the GBC, especially through my work on the Insights conference. I find immense fulfilment in witnessing these connections materialize for the student community and am motivated for taking on a larger avenue through the VP role. 

My greatest assets are my passion & approachability – qualities through which I find myself well-integrated in the Schulich student body. Feel free to reach me via LinkedIn, email or in person, I am always more than happy to have a conversation.

We’re all stars, together let’s make constellations. 
Vote for Harshita: Your VP, Your Voice!

Ushithwa Raman, MBA Fall'23

I am Ushithwa, a first-year FT MBA student of the Fall 2023 batch. I look forward to contesting for the Vice President & Academic Affairs role as part of the Graduate Business Council at Schulich School of Business. 
My passion for leadership stems from a quote by Peter Drucker, “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. This quote pushes me to take up responsibilities and create an outstanding graduate school experience for myself and my peers. One pillar of the graduate program, the most important of all, is the academics. Often buried under the frenzy of internships and co-curricular activities, academics is the pivotal part of the business school experience. Thus, the paramount need is to make our academic pillar the key arrow in our quiver to take on our dream career. 
I will push to implement more application-based tutoring, like the case approach, to help soak more from our classroom learning experiences. With real-life application knowledge under their belt, Schulich graduate students have an edge when they contest for internships and full-time jobs. I will, also, lobby to get Gen AI integrated into our course curriculum to superpower the value we can derive from what seems to be the normal path forward (if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘'em). This is a fantastic opportunity for Schulich and its students to become pioneers of this fantastic technology and leapfrog their competitors to become the best professionals in their respective fields. 
As part of the GBC, I will work towards establishing a centre for knowledge sharing and growth fuelled by camaraderie and mutual respect. I believe stitching the students with the student clubs tighter and delivering outstanding value can tremendously elevate the student experience at Schulich. 
As a Vice President, I will ensure to uplift the graduate student experience with everything in my power and create a community of like-minded professionals who can achieve the best versions of themselves. 

Athletics Director Nominations

Ambakshi Thakur, MBA Fall'23

As the prospective GBC Athletics Director, my vision encompasses a holistic expansion of our athletics club, integrating traditional sports with the burgeoning field of esports. This innovative step not only diversifies our offerings but also caters to the varied interests of our student body. With a background in martial arts and professional experience in project management, I possess the discipline, leadership, and strategic planning skills necessary to lead this transformation. 
E-Sports: We can't ignore the digital revolution. E-sports are more than just games; they're communities built on passion, strategy, and teamwork. I propose introducing E-sports tournaments and leagues across popular titles, providing a platform for gamers to showcase their skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a community within GBC. 

Promoting Fitness for AllI am dedicated to ensuring fitness is accessible to every student. Recognizing the challenges of balancing academic commitments with physical well-being, I plan to introduce home workout plans tailored for all fitness levels. These plans will encourage students to adopt a healthier lifestyle, irrespective of their access to gym facilities. My goal is to embed the notion that fitness is not just a hobby but a lifestyle by fostering a community of fitness enthusiasts.

Building Community Through Sports: The club is more than just a platform for physical activity; it's a vibrant community where students from diverse programs can network, collaborate, and forge lasting friendships. By fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, we aim to enhance the student experience. This initiative will not only promote physical health but also mental well-being, supporting students in their personal and professional growth.

I envision to create an environment where every student finds their niche, whether in the realm of traditional sports, esports, or fitness activities, making the athletics club a cornerstone of university life.

Kartik Sunder, MBA Fall'23

As a fitness enthusiast, state-level soccer player, and current GBC athletics manager, I've gained a valuable understanding of our athletic program's strengths and areas for potential growth. If selected as GBC Athletics Director, I plan to focus on the following three key initiatives:

1. Transparency in Intramural Sports System: A lack of transparency can create confusion and deter participation. To address this, I propose establishing clear guidelines, schedules, and an easily navigable communication system for all intramural activities. This will ensure fairness and an accessible, welcoming environment for all students interested in competing.

2. Regularity in Fitness and Sports-Related Activities: To encourage sustainable fitness habits, I believe we should offer consistent programming, ensure accessible facilities, and provide a wide variety of activities. This fosters a community  where  fitness is not only encouraged but also attainable for all skill levels.

3. Replacing Fitness Buddy with Buddy-to-Buddy Competition: While the fitness buddy program has its merits,  I believe a competitive "buddy-to-buddy" format would be more effective. This shift taps into a spirit of friendly rivalry, motivates participants through social connection, and ultimately makes fitness more engaging for our student body.

I am confident in my ability to address these issues and work with the team to enhance GBC's athletic programs, creating a more dynamic and inclusive environment for students.

Student Affairs Director Nominations

Sachin Nayak, MBA Winter'24

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Student Affairs Director on the Schulich Graduate Business Council. With a deep commitment to enhancing your student experience, I am dedicated to understanding and addressing your needs while advocating for positive change within our community.
As Student Affairs Director, I pledge to:

  • Understand and Advocate for You: Your voice matters. I will actively listen to your concerns, ideas, and aspirations, ensuring that they are effectively communicated to the GBC. Together, we will work to address any challenges you face and create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all.

  • Allocate Club Grants Responsibly: Managing the GBC's budget responsibly is crucial for supporting student initiatives. I will prioritize transparency and fairness in allocating club grants, ensuring that funds are distributed equitably to enrich your extracurricular experiences and foster your personal and professional growth.

  • Oversee Club Affairs with Efficiency: Our student clubs are the heart of the Schulich community. As Student Affairs Director, I will oversee GBC-affiliated club affairs and streamline the event approval process, empowering clubs to organize engaging and meaningful events that cater to your diverse interests and passions.

  • Provide Your Voice in Decision-Making: Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the direction of our community. I will serve as your advocate, providing thoughtful and constructive feedback on behalf of students in all relevant discussions and decision-making processes, ensuring that your perspectives are heard and valued.

Together, let's make Schulich an even better place to learn, grow, and succeed. With your support, I am confident that we can create positive change and build a stronger, more vibrant Schulich community. Vote for Sachin Nayak for Student Affairs Director, and let's embark on this journey together!

Swetha Nagarajan, MBA Fall'23

I am beyond excited to throw my hat into the ring for the role of Student Affairs Director. With a splash of charisma and a dash of determination, I'm ready to shake things up and bring some serious pizzazz to our campus life. Now, let's get down to business. Picture this: a campus buzzing with excitement, where every event is a blockbuster hit and every student feels like the star of the show. That's the vision I have for Schulich, and I'm ready to make it a reality.
As your potential Student Affairs Director, I'm not just here to rubber-stamp paperwork and attend meetings (although, I promise to do those things too). I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader, your fiercest advocate, and your go-to person for all things fun and fabulous. From themed parties to community service projects, I'm all about making sure every Schuligans has the opportunity to shine. And hey, if you need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, I've got you covered. Because together, we're unstoppable. So, my fellow Schuligans, let's make some magic happen. 
Vote for Swetha, and let's turn our campus into the ultimate destination for laughter, learning, and unforgettable experiences.
With boundless enthusiasm and a sprinkle of sparkle,
Swetha Nagarajan 🎉🌟

International Relations Director Nominations

Dikshita Kakoty, MBA Fall'23

Just six months ago, I arrived in Canada as an international student. Navigating new surroundings, daily routines, and forging connections within diverse communities – I've lived the challenges you face. This lived experience fuels my deep understanding of your needs and aspirations.
My commitment to building a supportive environment has led me to the Open Arms Committee. Here, I gained invaluable insights into the struggles and aspirations. Now, as an International Relations Director candidate, I'm eager to turn these insights into impactful action.
My vision is simple but powerful: inclusion and unity. I envision a platform where you can proudly showcase your talents and cultural identities. Initiatives like the Cultural Crawl will celebrate diversity and spark meaningful connections within Schulich.Initiatives like Buddy Program,  will offer crucial guidance and support to incoming students, helping them thrive academically, socially, and professionally. This program, combined with my dedication to liaising with student services and relevant organizations, ensures a smooth transition for everyone.
My candidacy hinges on a genuine commitment to our well-being and success. My lived experience, dedication to the Open Arms Committee, and clear vision for inclusivity make me the ideal candidate to foster a welcoming and empowering environment for all international students at Schulich.

Sumeet Duggal, MBA Fall'23

I have been called a highly observant person who is always aware of his surroundings and people. Thanks to these attributes, during this time, since we joined Schulich, I was able to observe many good things about the International Relations team as well as the gaps that I wish to fill in my way while in tandem with other team members.
I feel that there is a gap between multiple cohorts (Fall, Winter, India) and streams (MMKG, MREI, etc) which somewhat gets shortened only when the students opt for electives. I want to bridge that gap through multiple initiatives like having more events on the line of Cultural Crawl. 
When the INEO orientation is over, there is no solid way to connect with senior batches except by joining a club in a manager/a. director role or relying on your buddy. I want to organize more mixers that help multiple batches amalgamate into the ‘OneSchulich’ spirit. 
I have been able to interact with my cohort members who have come from different countries and cultures and even after 7 months, there is an informal divide between us that needs to be eliminated. For this, I wish to pitch more ice-breaking sessions that celebrate each other’s cultures.
Based on my cohort’s feedback on CCD’s role in helping students acclimatize to the Canadian corporate landscape, I believe the IR could play a bigger role in organizing more sessions and workshops in collaboration with CCD and clubs to tackle this issue. 
In a nutshell, I wish to create a more cohesive cohort that has a greater amalgamation of all the cohorts and batches, a more culturally integrated approach toward events, a platform to navigate the Canadian professional landscape, and create s space that lets you interact more with senior batches is majorly what my pitch is.

Social Director Nominations

Parin Parikh, MBA Fall'23

The Social Director role embodies more than just event coordination; it represents an opportunity to cultivate an exceptionally vibrant and inclusive graduate student community. With a background rooted in events management and hospitality, I bring a unique set of skills and experiences that make me exceptionally suited for this role.

My past experience with student governments includes working both as a student ambassador and as the treasurer and events support of the student council. Both roles included a need to coordinate and participate in events on a budget, giving me a holistic understanding of what it takes to make an event successful. Further enhancing my candidacy is my background in hospitality, working with luxury hotels, giving me exposure to high pressure environments and the importance of stakeholder engagement and management. 

Supplementary to my hands-on experience, my approach to leadership and teamwork sets me apart as a candidate. I believe in the power of collaboration and delegation, which is why I am dedicated to appointing competent Event Managers. I look forward to leveraging collective talents to ensure the success of each event.

Owing to my diverse background, I also understand the importance of creating a welcoming, inclusive, and conducive environments that foster strong bonds within the graduate student community at Schulich. I truly believe that a great event can achieve the above whilst also providing the opportunity for enjoyment – a key component to achieving work-life balance. 

The role of social director, in my opinion, spans beyond just events. It acts as the bridge between academia and leisure – and I am committed to liaising with both the management team at Schulich and the student body to enrich the student journey at Schulich.

Gayatri Chukka, MBA Winter'24

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated candidate vying for the Social Director position at GBC. My journey is enriched with extensive experience and unwavering passion for crafting unforgettable experiences that elevate the student community. I am deeply grateful to enhance the graduate student experience through engaging social initiatives such as community building, event planning and committed in bringing diversity and inclusivity. I leverage my previous experiences of creativity and innovation while organizing & hosting events. I firmly believe that the most impactful events are those that reflect the voices and perspectives of all members of the community. By fostering open dialogue and engaging in meaningful partnerships with students, faculty, and staff, I ensure that our events are inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome and valued.

My journey so far has been marked by a strong foundation in event management, coupled with a creative flair and a strategic approach. What sets me apart as an ideal candidate for the Social Director role is my blend of creativity, organizational skills, and a strong sense of empathy. I have a proven track record of successfully managing complex projects, coordination, and leading teams to deliver exceptional results.

I thrive on the opportunity to create memorable experiences for graduates by executing dynamic events that resonate with diverse audiences. I am well-versed in utilizing social media platforms, crafting compelling messaging, and utilizing data-driven insights to optimize our outreach efforts. Whether orchestrating networking mixers, professional development workshops, or cultural celebrations, I am adept at tailoring experiences to meet the unique interests and needs of graduate students.

To sum up, my passion for community building, coupled with my experience in event management and commitment to inclusivity, make me the perfect fit for the Social Director role at the Graduate Business Council. I am excited to collaborate with fellow students and stakeholders to create valuable and impactful experiences that enrich the graduate student’s experience and foster a strong sense of belonging within our community.

Case Director Nominations

Aniruddha Roy, MBA Fall'23

I stand before you, Aniruddha Roy, a first-year MBA student fueled by an unwavering passion for cracking cases. My journey began as an undergrad, where I thrived in case competitions, culminating in a triumphant victory at the Dean's Cup last round. I'm not just here to compete; I'm here to share and leverage my experience as a participant and elevate the GBC case competitions to newer heights by leading the team.
Why Me?

  • Prior experience in case: My battle-tested skills from crushing competitions and real-world consulting experience have given me invaluable learnings. I embrace the pressure needed to be taken for a case competition and I know what it takes to build the winning strategies. Under my leadership, GBC case competitions will attract more participants with robust outreach strategies with diverse, real-world cases. Expect immediate feedback from industry experts, preparing you for the challenges ahead.

  • Visionary Approach: Case competition is not only about solutions, I cultivate strategic thinking. Expect industry-relevant cases, renowned guest speakers, and mentorship opportunities with successful alumni. I will make sure resources are accessible to everyone and ignite the power of knowledge sharing and mentorship.

  • Collaborative Spirit: This isn't a one-man show. I believe in harnessing the collective brilliance of our program. Expect an inclusive, supportive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. My vision is to forge strong partnerships with other clubs, unlocking their expertise and resources to elevate case competitions and offer you an even more enriching experience.

Forget trophies and fleeting triumphs. As your Case Competition Director, I envision something far grander: unlocking your potential and propelling you toward success. My passion for case cracking isn't just about winning; it's about igniting your competitive edge and equipping you with the skills to conquer any challenge that lies ahead.

Wellness Director Nominations

Sidharth Sikri, MBA Fall'23

I believe mental health and well-being is the most crucial aspect of a student's life at Schulich. Not only does it support our rigorous academic endeavours but also gives us the courage to power through the ups and downs of the volatile employment economy. Moreover, mental wellness is an important life skill that needs to be valued in every walk of life – from students, to parents, to employers.

Having first-hand experience as a core member of the mental wellness group at work, I have received appreciation awards for organizing virtual ‘Fun Friday’ events during the covid pandemic to ensure better team connectivity and inclusion. Also, my experience working with diverse and multicultural teams will bring a unique perspective in organizing events for everyone.

I am confident that with your support, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution towards improving health and well-being for every student at Schulich.

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