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Cohort Rep Elections 2024-2025

We are thrilled to introduce an exceptional slate of candidates vying for positions in this year's cohort rep elections. Your vote is not just a choice—it's an investment in the direction we take together as a united student body.

Cohort Rep Nominations

Sanya Kapoor, MBAN Summer'23

I am honored to run for the position of representative for our MBAN cohort at the Schulich School of Business. I believe I am the right person to represent our diverse and talented group, and I’d like to share why. Firstly, my experience in various leadership roles has equipped me with the skills necessary to effectively represent our cohort. My proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation will bring tangible benefits. my strong organizational skills and attention to detail will ensure that our cohort’s interests are effectively communicated and advocated for. Secondly, I am deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment within our cohort. I believe that every member’s voice should be heard and valued. In conclusion, my leadership experience, commitment to inclusivity, proactive approach, and strong organizational skills make me a suitable candidate for the role of representative. I am dedicated to ensuring that our cohort’s voice is heard and that we work together to achieve our collective goals. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Abhinav Parmar, MSCM Summer'23

Three years ago I made a commitment to serve people and communities. I am excited for the opportunity to represent and support my cohort.  Here at Schulich we are all very busy. Busy with assignments and networking activities. It gets challenging to speak up. Speak about the things that matter and that trouble us, but are risky to say. We know that speaking up is important. We have experienced this in the last few weeks. It is challenging, especially when we are all making an effort to be better and to balance the different priorities.  When I get elected I will ensure that our voices are heard and that we get the support we need to succeed.  Let's make this year a great one. Thank you

Olaide Komolafe, MACC Summer'23

Dear Fellow Schuligan, I am writing to express my interest in running for the position of Cohort Representative for the MACC Program. I am motivated to pursue this role because I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact. My leadership experience spans various groups and organizations. During my undergraduate studies, I served as a Director of Sprott Accounting Students Association and as the Vice President of the Nigerian Student Association. As Cohort Representative, I will ensure that the views and concerns of my cohorts are heard and addressed.  I possess the qualities required to be an effective Cohort Representative. I am approachable, empathetic, and a good listener. I am also organized, responsible, and capable of balancing my academic responsibilities with my duties as a representative. My goal is to be a servant leader who is not only heard but also trusted and respected by my peers. Serving as Cohort Representative will not only allow me to hone my leadership skills but also help me to collaborate effectively with fellow Schuligans. If elected, I promise to dedicate myself fully to the role of Cohort Representative. I will work diligently to address student concerns, advocate for our needs, and strive to make our time in Schulich as positive and rewarding as possible.  Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am excited about the possibility of serving with the leaders of the SSB – Graduate Business Council and eager to make a meaningful difference in our school community. Sincerely, Olaide Komolafe (MACC – Class of 2025)

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